"I am Not the Pain" - A life changing Support Group

Celebrate Life, Celebrate Death

Join us for a transformative, informative, fun and loving support group. Led each month by Dr. Andrew Ferber, M.D.  Did you know that pain and suffering from chronic illnesses, whether psychological or physical, can be lessened with medical marijuana, conscious movement and meditation?

In this 2-hour monthly group you will be educated and led by Dr Andrew Ferber.  Dr. Ferber has been a psychiatrist for 60 years, an holistic physician for 60 years, a meditator for 50 years and has healed people and led meditation groups on five continents.  He has 50 years’ experience with medical cannabis on several continents and is currently a medical cannabis patient. He is a retired Professor of Psychiatry from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the Director of the Osho Institute for the Art of Living and Dying.

We will share our experiences with each other. Each person is responsible for their own treatment. We will benefit from both the feedback, if requested, and listening to others’ experiences. Voicing your own experience helps you to be more aware of where you are at.

We will provide resources for you to continue and deepen your practice of meditation.  While each meeting is complete unto itself, frequent attendance will be most beneficial.  No physical limitation is a reason for not coming. These practices are not strenuous and can be modified to fit your body’s capability.  It is recommended that you bring a yoga mat or if you do not have one, a beach towel.

In this group you will learn how medical marijuana and meditation can provide the following life changing benefits through both the direct analgesic (pain lessening) and mind-altering pathways.

You will learn:

  • To stop blaming yourself for the problem. Most people with chronic illnesses unconsciously feel it is their own, or someone else’s fault, and waste much energy in unconscious hatred of themselves or someone else.  When you become aware of your anger you are able to consciously relax and release.
  • How to deeply relax into the now and celebrate life. Meditation takes you beyond the mind into the mysterious now of timeless existence and reveals an attitude of unforced celebration; your natural state which was hidden by your pain, worries and fears.
  • How to stop resisting the sensation: Much suffering comes from unconsciously fighting against the painful sensations. When accepted, they become more neutral and less a focus of suffering.
  • That much suffering is an activity that unconsciously we inflict on ourselves to get someone to care for us. It is the baby inside crying for its mother. This is usually unnecessary and often makes things worse in adults. It is an ancient biological program, found in all species of mammals. Meditation will help transcend it.
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