Cancer and Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana and Cancer Treatment

Treatment Benefits

There are various therapies for cancer treatment.   Radiation and chemotherapy are the two most common.  Both have significant side effects. Sometimes patients stop treatments before they have had the full benefits.  That’s unfortunate.

Tolerating Cancer Treatment

Medical marijuana obtained legally in Fort Myers and elsewhere in Florida can be very helpful tolerating those treatments.   For example, cannabis can help cancer patients overcome nausea and vomiting.  It may also help stimulate appetites.  The body needs nutrition to fight the disease. Often the weight loss is attributed to the cancer but it can also be due to the cancer treatment.  Help your body fight this fight by better nutrition.

Insomnia is another common complaint and medical marijuana can help with that too.  Depression and anxiety are also understandably present.  Marijuana can be a factor in mood elevation.  Most importantly, marijuana can provide significant pain relief.

Direct Effect on Cancer

As more information is gathered, we now realize that marijuana also can affect the state of the disease itself. There was a review in the British Journal of Pharmacology dealing with CBD and cancer. The author stated that “cannabinoids possess antiproliferative and proapoptotic effects, and they are known to interfere with tumor neovascularization, cancer cell migration, adhesions invasion and metastization.”

A Japanese study revealed that THC has anti-inflammatory effects and reduced the size of tumors in mice.

Another Japanese study showed that CBD may prevent cancer linked to smoking.

To suppress cancer growth, large quantities of CBD are required. That is just one of the components of Medical Marijuana.   THC, the other main component,  was found to be effective in shrinking tumor size according to an article appearing in Cell Death and Differentiation journal in 2011.  Again, in that study, CBD was found to be effective in stopping the multiplying of new cancer cells.  So we’ve seen in these studies that both CBD and THC have anticancer effects, but the combination of the two is more effective.

More Marijuana Studies…

An Israeli study done by Dr. David Meire is considered the most in-depth review of cannabis and cancer patients. It involved move than 50 different strains of cannabis and 200 cancer cell lines. Along with the CBD and THC in cannabis, there are terpenes, such as linalool, limonene and myrcene, and flavonoids. All are in small quantities. These also can have a beneficial therapeutic effect.  There seems to be a synergy when all of the various components of cannabis are used together versus an isolated single component.

A 2013 British study showed that the whole spectrum of cannabinoids was more effective in treating leukemia cells than each isolated component. To date these studies are being conducted in laboratories on laboratory animals. Once the Schedule 1 status is changed, human clinical trials on cannabis will become more mainstream. Hundreds of anecdotal stories where people have had their cancers cured by cannabis therapy have been reported. We have a lot more studying to do!

There are few, but convincing, studies on the efficacy of CBD/THC components treating, and in some cases curing, specific cancers.  Those include bladder cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, endocrine cancer, leukemia, Karposi’s sarcoma, lung cancer, prostate cancer and one I am all too familiar with, skin cancer.

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